4 Different Methods of Cleaning the Windows

The cleaning of the windows is done with more than just a single method. There is a different method available. Based on a person’s chosen method, he will have to bear the cost. When a person chooses window cleaning Perth, they will get the option of all the cleaning methods. The person can choose the method that will give good results.

Basic Equipment for Cleaning
Are you planning to go for the window cleaning? First, the essential equipment must be clear. Then, if the tools are available, you can complete the procedure efficiently and adequately.

· 12 inches of the Squeegee
· Dish soap
· A sponge
· Bucket
· Small towels without lint
· A ladder

Technique for Window Cleaning

1. Traditional Method
Still, in the world of technology, people plan to use traditional methods as they give good results. The material used in the option is affordable, so people prefer to choose it as the method of cleaning windows. In this method, the complete cleaning of the window occurs both inside and outside.

2. Using Mobile Elevated Platform
Some people consider using ladders a dangerous option. They can go for the mobile elevated platforms. The type of equipment in the procedure will depend on several factors. The leading equipment includes the scissor lift and vehicle-mounted platforms.

3. Water Fed Poles
The modern form of cleaning the windows is the water-fed poles. The person can clean the windows with this method on a high number of floors. The method is both a cost and energy-efficient option. Mainly the use of the brush and the water jet takes place in the process.

4. Abseiling
Doing the window cleaning with the rope access is also considered a good option by people. It is a highly complex process that requires the good efforts of professionals specially trained for the activity. The person should be able to descend, ascend and change the rope to clean the windows safely.

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