Does Wireless Charging Work The Same With An Iphone Case?

Apple has now started offering wireless charging support in its latest models. The MagSafe charger by apple allows you to charge your iphone without using any wire at all. But what happens when you have a case on your phone? How does wireless charging work on an iPhone with a case? Fear not, with special cases for iphone that support wireless charging. You can now charge your iphone in wireless mode.

Does A Case Block Wireless Charging?
Yes, some cases can impede your charging speed, but there’s a way around that. Just make sure the case isn’t too thick for your device’s wireless coil to reach it. If it is, you’ll have to take it off every time you want to charge your phone to get the fastest charge. However, some cases have cutouts near the charging coils or special attachments to support wireless charging while keeping the case on.

If you’re unsure whether or not your case will interfere with wireless charging speed, just look for Magsafe supported cases. While wireless charging works with special cases, some cases will interfere with that speed, and you should check whether yours is one of those.

MagSafe Compatible Cases
The problem of wireless charging your iphone with keeping on its case is now solved. There are special Magsafe charging support cases in the market that support uninterrupted wireless charging. You can use any type of wireless charger with these cases. Apart from allowing wireless charging, they also offer a better level of safety and a decent look to your iphone. Their working concept is simple! You can charge your iphone with a case on as long as the coil is exposed to your charger.

These special cases for iphone ensure that there is no blockage to disrupt the power flow between charger and device. If your case does have a hard time charging your phone, you can always remove it for a faster charge.

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